The Acadian Symmetry 2691-3749

The Acadian Symmetry Plan features a spacious, open floor plan with a roomy master suite and five additional bedrooms, one of which can double as a playroom. A living room with a fireplace opens to the kitchen and dining area in the center of the house. Two additional bathrooms, a double carport, covered front porch and rear cook porch with a fireplace are also featured on the plan.

Heated: 2,691 S.F.

Garage, Porches & Storage: 1,058 S.F.

Total Under Roof: 3749 S.F.

Open Floor Plan

5 Bedrooms/Playroom

3 Bathrooms

Covered Front Porch & Rear Cook Porch

Open Living Room & Kitchen Area

Double Carport

The Acadian Symmetry 2691-3749 – Plan Pricing

6 Sets of 24” x 36” Prints: $1,250.00

Additional Sets: $25.00

PDF File Only: $1,350.00

Additional PDF File along with 6 Sets: Add $200.00

Mirror Plan: $150.00

Site Plan: Priced per job