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Diamond C builders

Luxurious custom home builders. Tailored to your every design! We build all throughout CENLA, including Pineville, Alexandria, and Dry Prong.

Welcome to

Diamond C Builders

Luxurious custom home builders. Tailored to your every design!

~We Serve All Of Central Louisiana~

Custom Cabinets

The kitchen, bathroom, closet, and living room cabinets are some of the highest traffic areas of your home. We want to help you navigate through the different types, construction methods, materials and other cabinetry design details that you want, so that when you are in and out of those areas, it feels like home! 

We know that everyday functionality is just as important as beauty. Fortunately we have plenty of both to go around, with beautiful accents and ways to organize that are astoundingly practical.  

Our Process

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Custom Everything?

We focus on the custom details that you want. From cabinet replacement to countertop installation to luxurious bathrooms, we can do it all! We work with a wide array of the best materials and products to turn your home into a real palace! Our professional team of experts is constantly trained in the latest remodeling  and building techniques in order to surpass our customers’ expectations on each project performed. We have been making custom cabinets for generations. 

How It Works

We don’t just want to build a beautiful house for you, we want to design a home that best fits the needs of you and your family. We offer custom homebuilding designed the way you want it to be. Before beginning construction on your new home, there are a few things we’ll need to do. We’ll work together to design a home that suits your needs and desires using one of our plans or a custom plan.

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“Highly recommended!”

– Allix R.


“They just built a beautiful home in Lake District.”

– Karen T.